Historical Overview

Captain Charlie's Station - Bald Head Island, NC

9146_027.jpgBuilt in 1903 to house the Cape Fear Lighthouse keepers and their families, three cottages known as Captain Charlie's Station still stand sentinel high atop the dune ridge overlooking Cape Fear.

With their cedar siding, wide porches, and deep roof overhangs, the cottages typify coastal vernacular architecture - both simple and elegant in form.  From their unique vantage point, soaring panoramas of the cape, Frying Pan Shoals, and Atlantic Ocean are indescribably breathtaking.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978, the cottages are the oldest standing homes on Bald Head Island and are named for Capt. Charles Swan, lightkeeper from 1903-1933.  Along with Old Baldy Lighthouse, the trio are the most iconic structures on the island, revered symbols of the island's storied past and resiliency.

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